Desk of Director

The rapidity of progress in aviation in the world today is so pronounced that this era may softly be termed as an era of aviation. It is a matter of gravitation for use to know that our country is already on the air map of the world, with its cities linked with the important cities of the world. The importance of aeronautics and its allied techniques warrants the necessity of imparting education in the field, in order to see many of the youngsters take to the air and encourage the aviation industry. In order to become an aircraft maintenance engineer, one should obtain the license from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India.

This Institute is approved by DGCA under CAR Section 2, Series ‘E’, Part VIII to conduct Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) training in Mechanical Stream (Heavy Aeroplane, Light Aeroplane, Piston Engine, and Jet Engine).

Further this Institute is approved by DGCA under CAR 147 (Basic) to conduct Basic Aircraft Maintenance Training Course in Category B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine).

Those who successfully complete the training and obtain DGCA license can get jobs in Airlines and Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance Organisations with an attractive salary and incentives. As more and more airlines start operation in private sector there will be an increase in demand for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Technicians.

The course offered in this college gives a student actual experience, classroom instructions, practical and on the job training. This provides an opportunity for a student to learn firsthand the construction, operation, overhaul, replacement, modification and maintenance of air frame, Power plants and related equipment

The college is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board has nominated Mr. Gilroy John Luiz to function as Accountable Manager of the Institute. He has been accepted by the DGCA as Accountable Manager of the Institute.

I wish the facilities at the college will contribute to many aspiring candidate to full fill their dream in aircraft maintenance engineering and contribute toward the goal of safe flying


Luiz Nagar
South India-680 307
Ph : 9349514687
9020167229, 9539511047